Hello o:

Here are a few of my current heads. ❤

Itsu Head 4 (No Bubble) Itsu Head 7 (Fixed) Itsu Head 3 (no bubble)


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This Needs To Stop


I have something to say, people make GFX sites to share heads and bodies with those who do not know how to. People take time out of their days to make you amazing customs for people to use. I know I’m not the best GFX artist; all I do is recolor heads and post bodies. Nonetheless I work hard on them and I take time to do them for you; I don’t have to, but I do. I share the customs that I WANT to share; and my personal customs are one of the things I do NOT want to share. Some of you think it’s unfair that I share my customs with close friends; however thats my decision to make, not yours. Call me “greedy” all you want, but don’t have hissy fits and try replicating my customs or try stealing them like some people. That’s just wrong, the braid customs belong to Robyn; also my friends who have the braid customs still had to ask for Robyn’s permission before editing or uploading them. You can be mad at me all you want for not giving you the customs; however don’t take it out on Robyn by stealing or replicating her customs. That’s not fair to her and she doesn’t deserve it; also just because her braid head is posted on a GFX site doesn’t automatically mean you have permission to use them. If the head isn’t posted on her site (lovejjgfx.weebly) or my site, chances are they were stolen and posted, which isn’t ok. As well as if someone tries to e-mail you the braid head just decline it. Seeing that if it’s not Robyn or I e-mailing you the head, it’s a clear sign that they didn’t have permission to give it out or use the head. If you do accept at least have the decency to ask. However, if we say no, it means no. Additionally this doesn’t just go for the braid customs. This goes for Astarte’s customs, Dolly’s customs, and every other stolen GFX from MrsBlackmaid’s GFX site. All of you should know by now that all the customs on her site are stolen. So don’t just upload anything you wish; you still need to ask permission. If they say no, then respect their decision since you need to remember that most GFX artists have their own GFX sites and create lots of customs that you CAN use.


This post is for certain people;

you should know who you are.

.        Love,

.                 Itsu adelphos

.                       & Tyrael


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My Profile ^^



This is my profile, the names you will be able to find me under are itsu D Adelphos and Sarah DeLellis Adelphos. If you cannot find me, I am in the guild called (Animal Crossing). If anyone has any comments or questions you’re welcome to PM me anytime. ❤

Photo Jan 27, 4 03 32 PM

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 Hey guys, I basically quit Graal and I wont be on much anymore. I deleted all friends, but only added a few close friends back. I also will be quitting GFX and I will no longer be updating the site. I will keep the site up so you guys can still use and edit the stuff I posted. And I do have some heads and bodies for you guys before I go :D!! I will be posting all my old customs for you guys, except for the doll customs (Teacupdolly), braid customs (Robyn), and my edited version of JazzieFizzle’s head out of respect for the owners. I also have a few heads I edited and some bodies too. All credit goes to the original owners but please credit my BF too for editing/re-indexing.

My old customs:

Itsu6 (6000ms) Itsu Itsu Head 9 (4.5) Itsu Head 4 Itsu Head 2 itsu-head-2 copy Itsu 5 Itsu 3 Itsu 2 Itsu 1

Edited heads:

Itsu Head 3 Itsu Head 2 Itsu Head 2-1 Itsu Head 2-2 Itsu Head 2 Itsu Head 4

You don’t need to set transparency for the bodies.

And heres the bodies:

Itsu Body 2 image classic_personal_body_graal791352-314 image (3) classic_personal_body_graal913497-230image image image

Thanks again to my friends and viewers<3 I love all 9,243 of you!!


Itsu D Adelphos

& Tyrael

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Happy New Year

Here’s a head my BF and I edited, credit to Lucy for helping with the body.

ItsuIndex2 Destiny Head 4

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GFX Sites

Please check out these GFX sites.




















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Sorry Everyone <3

Hello everyone! I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in forever! But your in for a treat tonight, ;D my BF and I have a few heads and a few bodies for you guys! The first head is an edit from Lucy’s, Sophie’s, and Leah’s site! (lucygraal.wordpress) I also have three hair extension bodies to match! Two of them are indexed. The other two heads are edits of one of my current heads. I hope you like them!

Oh, and a special shoutout to Natalia!<3


Blue dress (color changeable), White dress (not color changeable), Yellow dress (color changeable).

Do not set transparency.

image image (1) image (2)

These are an edit of one of my current heads.

Jenny Head 1 Yoona Head 1

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